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Live a calm life and sleep better NOW tonight.

Therapeutic Service for Armed Service Veterans diagnosed with PTSD. 

Veterans serving time in prison or have been imprisoned top priority.

            Veterans wanting to help themselves with our process receive instructions on how to use the light and sound machines.

Therapeutic techniques developed by D. Bentley over many years are used to get you, the

service veteran, a much improved life after being diagnosed with PTSD.

Drugs and alcohol are not the answer.

The methods I use and teach will improve your condition.

Get rid of Fears - Phobias - Nightmares - Panic Attacks and the ideas that you are ill forever.

Switch your head off when you go to bed.    

Leave  Trauma Memories behind forever.

Alcohol and Drugs are not the answer.

 All ages successfully treated.

All the above dealt with successfully for over 50 years.

26 years with the same methods and devices.

Please don't waste your life suffering, or making your family and friends suffer. 

There really is no need.

Don't believe therapy is all guesswork as the newspapers have you believe, it isn't.

Based in the UK. Practiced USA - Canada - Europe - Middle East.

Contact UK Veterans PTSD

In confidence Text in first instance to :- 07542 712385  D. Bentley

Skype / Whats App on camera used wherever possible.

UK Veterans PTSD has applied for registered charity status.

UK Veterans PTSD Supports


We are prepared to provide lessons and help in prison wherever possible.

Classes and instruction for veterans and their families achieves more calm and tranquillity for the PTSD sufferer and helps restore normality into their lives.

Available seminars and webinars. Contact by email.





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